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Reasons why your cat is a better date this Valentine’s

Here at Feline and Fiction we are sure you’ll agree that cats are the cutest Valentine’s date that anyone could wish for. In fact, your cat probably has the evening planned out already, whilst catnapping the day away they will be dreaming of the purrfect night ahead getting cosy on the sofa with you…maybe all you must decide on is which Rom-Com you want to watch!

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Your kitty will be eternally grateful for the time you spend together, your bond will be strengthened, and you will be rewarded in purrs and head bumps.

If you still aren’t convinced then take a moment and count the reasons why cats make the best Valentine’s date ever!

They will never talk back!

Our cats will sit (or lie) there all day and let you say whatever is on your mind. There will be no awkward conversations just their cute faces and big eyes giving you all the reassurance that you need.

They love you unconditionally!

Cats are loyal, they form very strong bonds with us and they will seek us out for affection. They wait patiently for us to come home from work each day, they want to protect us and accept us no matter how we feel. Your cat always loves you and that love is forever!

They are always listening!

Even when they are asleep our cats are always listening to us. Your cat will take everything in and you will never have to exclaim “Are you listening to me!”. Feel free to tell your cat whatever is your mind or what is keeping you awake at 2am in the morning. You never know it may make you feel better!

They appreciate you!

Our cats are so grateful to us, their cheek rub is one of the ways they will show their affection and when they are snuggling up on your lap what better way of displaying their thanks and appreciation for all that you do.

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They can keep a secret!

Ok, so you may make your way through a whole box of chocolates in one evening, they may look over your shoulder as you are writing in your diary, but who is the cat going to tell?  They really are the best secret keepers.

They make the best snuggle buddies!

We are all feeling the effects of the cold wintery evenings but with a lovely fleece throw over you and your kitty on your lap you will be warm all night long. You will both be content and smiling.

They don’t care what you look like!

Dress up…dress down…what does your cat care? Date night with your cat means you can wear your pyjamas and comfy slippers and there’s no need for make up or hair curlers. Your cat just wants to be with you…the more that they can cover you in their cat hair the better!

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They don’t want to share your wine or chocolates!

Wine and chocolates are just not your cat’s thing! So Happy Valentine’s…they are all yours to devour and enjoy and just remember there will be no judgement from your cat…just remember to have a supply of your kitty’s favourite treats at hand.

So, there you have it, a relaxed, hassle free and best Valentine’s Day date ever!