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Ready, Set, Go! January Box Round Up

Our January 2021 box was one of those boxes we were really worried about. Not because we didn’t love the contents but because of the time of the year (would people buy?), the Royal Mail had issues (would they arrive) and we had packed the box so full we were worried about how they would arrive at your doors.

Turns out we didn’t need to be worried about two of those issues and Royal Mail eventually sorted themselves out. So what did we actually provide in our January 2021 Feline and Fiction Box?

Theme: Ready, Set, Go!

We didn’t want to go all in on the ‘new year, new goals’ theme – it really didn’t feel like the time or the place given how 2020 went down and 2021 starting off as 2020 turbo charged…. so we used the theme of a new year loosely and tried to provide items that were practical for you to use as the year began.


Book: The Time Travelling Cat and the Great Victorian Stink.

We wanted to start off the year with a very easy read and something you could share with the children in your life if you are one of the many struggling through homeschooling right now.


Snack bags – perhaps the most important item in the box (?!?)

Simons Cat money bank – the reason we struggled the pack your boxes but it was so cute we had to include it

Cat notebook – we love Chester the cat items 🙂 oh and you could use this to write your January thoughts down

Cat Pen – can’t provide a notebook without a pen right?

Hand Sanitiser – lets keep you safe against this terrible virus and try everything we can to stop the spread

Cat Gifts:

Pet Munchies – chicken liver anyone?

Avocado Cat Toy – this has been a real hit this month and we have loved seeing your pictures of Mr Avocado being tossed from room to room. Did you notice his tiny fringe too?

And just a quick reminder that these were all provided for £15 +p&p

Happy Subscribers

Once again we cannot thank you enough for your magnificent pictures of the boxes. We had to wait a while before sharing due to the issues that Royal Mail were facing, but once we did you guys did not disappoint!

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