Cat Chat

May ’23 Box Star Q&A

May 2023 with @keith_the_cat_cow

Each month we choose an Instagram kitty that has purchased a box from ourselves to be the Box Star for a whole month. Your cat’s image appears on all promotional material on our socials and illustrations such as bookmarks and leaflets inside every customers box.

This month we chat to Keith’s owner to find out what the box star experience has been like for them…

How did it feel to have Keith as a Feline & Fiction box star?

It was a amazing to have Keith as a box star. We love your subscription boxes and have his handsome face looking up as we opened it was just perfect.

Your box was the May Home themed box – which item was your favourite?

It was definitely the notepad. I am obsessed with pads, to do lists, post it notes and planners so I was in heaven.

To anyone out there that hasn’t bought a F&F box before what would you say to them?

I would tell them they should definitely treat themselves to one. Life can be so crazy and full of bumps and unexpected things that we so often don’t give ourselves time to sit and relax. I make sure I give myself this tiny bit of time to enjoy the gifts and read the book with a nice cuppa. My crazy life will still be there but when I open the box I can just pause everything!

What tips would you give to someone wanting to be a F&F box star?

To anyone else that wants their cat to be a box star be sure to be yourself, be unique and be your own individual. Keith has spent his whole life being so very different and that’s what we adore him for.

Thank you once again to Keith for being our amazing box star for our May 2023 box.

Will your kitty be the next box star…keep an eye on our socials and make sure to enter to be in with a chance of being selected in the future.