Cat Chat

Fur Family Focus: Snow Cats

We love seeing the pictures of your cats with our boxes but the truth is we love seeing ANY pictures of your cats – it’s really turning into quite the cat obsession.

The weather took a snowy turn last week and with the forecast unsure if we are in for another snow storm we asked to see your furry friends in all their snowy glory. Did they enjoy the snow or did they refuse to step outside in that weird white stuff?

Nims: @BookChic69

Nims (before she lost her ears) looks delightful in the snow, although definitely found the one patch not covered in snow

Oscar & Maggie: @Oscar_andmaggie

The snow falling was a perfect time to get on the lead and expose this strange white substance….

Spike & Shady: @2blackcats_spikeandshady

Apparently Shady can be torn away from his favourite Feline & Fiction lobster toy for an explore in the snow. The contrast of black cats against snow is just beautiful – another reason black cats make the most amazing companions.

Nanook: @parkerj83

Some cats just do not care for the snow. Once such cat is the gorgeous Sphynx Nanook who is keeping warm inside away from the snow, but has an outfit ready just in case 🙂