Feline & Fiction

Creating Badges Of Value

For those of you who have been with Feline and Fiction for a while you will know that we don’t just include items from wholesalers that other boxes can also get their hands on, we include our own products. Why do we do this? To provide as much value as possible in your boxes. This means that our in house team design each item, but we couldn’t do this without finding reputable suppliers to print our designs and bring them to life.

Some of you will be well aware of our issues with some suppliers with made rushes to re-print items that have gone wrong or just not turned up. We had a choice to give up making our own items for an easier life or seek out the best printing partner to move on with. Thankfully we came across Sticker Mule who made our badge dreams come true and delivered with time to spare.

One of our favourite items has been the ‘May Cat is My Therapist’ Badge and we also created a Cad Dad superhero badge for Fathers Day. These were all printed by the fantastic Sticker Mule. We want to know if there are more badges or printed items you would like to see in our box. And if you have a go at making your own with Sticker Mule we would love to see what you make.

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