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Can Cats Eat Pancakes?

Pancake Day is a wonderful excuse for us to indulge in a delicious treat, however, feeding pancakes to your cat is something you should avoid.

Your cat will be greedily eyeing up your pancake creations and it can be very hard to deny them a tiny bite to eat. Cats have a reputation for enjoying milk, but many are lactose intolerant, and the dairy content in your pancake could leave your cat with a poorly stomach. 

Also be aware that many pancake toppings aren’t suitable for your cat either, some fruits are ok providing your cat likes them and these fruits are apples, bananas, blueberries and watermelon chopped up very small. If your kitty turns their nose up at this selection just keep things plain.

We are sure that you do want to get your cat involved in Pancake Day fun this year so here are a couple of recipes your cat will definitely thank you for…

No Bake Pancakes for Cats

Recipe One

  • One tin of tuna in water with no added salt
  • ½ cup finely diced cooked chicken
  • ½ cup pure sweet potato puree – make sure this is just sweet potato and doesn’t contain any sweeteners

Open the tin of tuna and drain.

Pop in a mixing bowl and break it down with a fork into small bits.

Add the diced chicken to the bowl and start to slowly stir in the sweet potato (you don’t want the mixture to become too watery so simply mix until it binds together).

Scoop out the mixture and shape into mini pancakes.

This can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days afters its been made and it can be frozen for up to three months – just pop it in the fridge to thaw when you want to use some more.

Recipe Two

  • 85g of your cats favourite wet food
  • their favourite treat

Pop the wet food into a bowl and use a fork to break it up.

Sprinkle in a couple of your cats favourite treats and give the mixture another mix.

Spoon the mixture into a round shaped mould on a plate to resemble a pancake.

Remove the mould and sprinkle a few extra treats over the top. It is now ready to serve.

We wish you and your cat a fun Pancake Day! Please tag us in any of your cat friendly pancakes on social media as we’d love to share them. Also, we can imagine there will be some cute cat themed pancakes being made and enjoyed by all you kitty owners too.

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