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9 of our favourite Pancake Cats

Perhaps Lockdown will give Pancake Day the exposure it surely deserves. A day in the calendar as a child that was nearly as exciting as Christmas, the day feels like it needs a revival to push through the New Year diet bubble and remind us that filling our tummies with a mix of egg, milk and flour is more comforting than it sounds.

We have scoured Instagram for 9 of our favourite cat themed pancakes to get you in the mood fro Shrove Tuesday. Spoiler alert: we don’t pick the prettiest, we love a misfit and a plate full of mess tastes an awful lot better than a perfectly formed bengal in batter.

  1. So pretty and almost healthy!

2. Too pretty to eat

3. Quantity over design

4. Full body Cat

5. Decoupage design with more pancake layers

6. Incredibly Cute!

7. Cats & Bears?

8. Can’t go wrong with Nutella

9. Ok we had to include one staged shot that was just incredible

Send us your cat pancakes over on Instagram @felineandfiction

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