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2020: A Year of Feline & Fiction Boxes

2020 was a crazy crazy year. Such an impact on all of our lives – some devastating and some very very confusing. As a small business we didn’t know if there would be a place for us during the pandemic. Here’s how our year panned out.


We started the year creating our second box. Our Christmas box had been available during November and December and January would be the first time that our multi-month subscribers would receive their next box.

We filled the box with some January essentials including a lunch bag, water bottle and cosy mug. We even got to try out the cosy mug at Centre Parks to make sure it was suitable ;). We also included one of our pin badges.

Book: Crazy Cat Lady

Cat Toy: Mini Penguin


THIS was the box of the infamous lobster toy. It was also a box of love. We absolutely crammed this box full of gifts including: a home plaque, a make up purse, a mirror, nail files and a trinket tray. This really started our reputation of providing exceptional value for money in our box – and lobster definitely put us on the map

Book: Bodacious: The Shepherd Cat



March was when the dreaded lockdown arrived. We rushed our box out as quickly as possible as we weren’t sure that Royal Mail would continue to operate. We went hard on the home items including a huge Cutie cat cushion, soap dispenser and a cute caticorn pencil. We were so grateful that these got through and we did wonder if we would be able to continue

Book: Poppys Place

Toy: Mini Koala


April saw a lot of interest in our box as we got to Easter holidays. We had set our limit due to stock availability which started our wait list to be populated. Again we kept with the home theme and included a Cutie Cat rug, cutie cat toothbrush holder, Citicorp room sign and some cat themed tweezers. We had our first celebrity book as well

Book: Dermot O’Learys Toto

Toy: Carrot


For May we could let a few more subscribers in – some of which who have become fierce supporters of our brand and firm favourites in the Fur Family circle. The box included a home plaque, a full set of coasters, a kitty pen and a terracotta plant pot. We wanted to reflect that we were spending more time outside in our gardens where possible.

Book: Pet Subjects

Toy: Banana


We increased again in June and included our favourite lunch bag, a toothbrush holder and the cutest mini stickers. We also collaborated with one of favourite supporters – @sewupmeduck – Louise provided handmade bunting for ALL of our boxes featuring caticorns. A perfect pick me up as we got itchy feet during lockdown.

Book: The Real Pet Detective

Toy: Starfish


As we emerged from full lockdown we also upped our box game with more interest than ever before. We included inserts with hand drawn pictures of our items and started trying to theme to the seasons. This month saw us providing picnic items including a Chester tote bag, bamboo plate and bamboo cup. A small notebook was included and we provided TWO books.

Books: Max the detective, Feline detective agency

Toy: Strawberry


August was such an exciting month for us and we encouraged you to get creative. We worked with an author (Kimberlie Hamilton) to deliver her gorgeous Rebel Cats book and doubled our subscription. We included a create task to create your own bookmark, an A5 notebook, a mini travel case, a keyring from the book, sticky notes, a bookmark and a crayon. We also started providing our own monthly bookmark.

Book: Rebel Cats

Toy: Chilli


By this point we all needed some self care so thats exactly what we provided in the September Box – to a record number of people. The box contained soap and mini bath mallow from Bomb Cosmetics, a Tiger face mask, cat ears headband, a mini rubber duck, tiger balm and another fantastic addition from @sewupmeduck – reusable eco face pads. We loved this box so much and were so glad to get it to as many people as possible. We also tried, where possible to match the duck to your cat and swapped the bath mallow for a shower pouch for those who don’t have a bath.

Book: How to live like your cat

Toy: Ice Cream


We went all out for Halloween with our box and went with a black cat theme. The box included a home plaque, an oil burner with wax, marshmallow cat lolly, candy kittens, kitty ears, two magnets and a patrons badge. This box went down so well that we started a wait list for our Christmas box due to the amount of enquiries we had.

Book: A Friend Like Ben

Toy: Pumpkin


Lets Get Cosy – November can be a confusing month and with more restrictions in place we went for a home cosy box. We included a cute night light, an alarm clock, an eye mask, sticky notes and a home plaque. We also teamed up with @teddyandme18 who created the cat nip kickers that sent your cats loopy.

Book: Cats

Toys: Kicker and mini teddy bear


Wow wow wow! We sold out of our Christmas Box is less than 10 days – and this was double the amount we did in November. We sold out so quickly that we sent the box as soon as we possibly could – we knew that Royal Mail would be drowning and we were so grateful that the boxes eventually got through. If we had waited we are sure we would have missed the Christmas tree deadline!

We included as much as we possibly could including a Kim Haskins mug, tea towel, air freshener, keyring and our very own Fur Family Calendar that we asked YOU to send in your pictures for. We loved this so much we hope we can do it again next year

Book: Alfie & Its a cat’s life

Toy: Snowman

What a year! we can’t believe how much you have supported us – thank you so so much. We are working on so many ideas for this year including utilising and growing our facebook group, continuing our weekly Instagram quiz and getting as much value as possible into your boxes.

We would love to hear your suggestions for our Feline & Fiction box – please email us

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